Friday, January 24, 2014

Snow Day?

Last night the weather got a little crazy, for Texas anyway. It started sleeting around 5pm and continued off and on through the night. At some point we even got a little snow! All schools were delayed for 2 hours at first, but then around 6am on Friday, they closed. As I was getting comfortable in bed thinking I was going to get to sleep in, Joshua busted through the door asking if it was snowing! Good bye to sleeping in! The other two littles followed soon there after in getting up. The older two wanted to go outside so bad, and who am I to say no, even if it was 7:00am. I knew it wouldn't last long and soon would start melting away. They loved it! There wasn't a lot obviously, but they didn't care! That's the beauty of children, they didn't care that is was not covering the ground completely or that it was freezing, all they saw was a chance to play in the snow. I couldn't take the cold anymore, so they moved to the backyard and continued their fun. They eventually came in and Joshua declared it was the best "snow day" ever! So the sleet/slow is starting to melt away and we are spending the rest of the day inside, taking it easy and enjoying our "snow day"!

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